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Frequently asked questions

Content updated: 3/31/2024, 10:54 PM


What is a fuksi?

Fuksi refers to a first-year university student.

Who is a tutor?

A tutor is a helper for new students. Each new student has their own tutor group. Tutors will contact new students a few weeks before orientation week!


What kind of computer do I need for my studies?

Operating System

Generally, teaching and guidance at the university are done using the Windows operating system, but you are free to use any operating system you prefer. The university's computer classrooms mostly have Windows operating systems.


Yleisesti kursseilla ja luennoilla pärjää peruskannettavalla, mutta joissain luentosaleissa ei ole mahdollista kytkeä laitteita verkkovirtaan, joten riittävä akunkesto kannattaa ottaa huomioon tietokoneen valinnassa. Esimerkiksi vanhat ThinkPadit ovat usein toimivia ja edullisia.

I have completed course X, will I receive credits?

If you have completed courses, for example, due to previous studies, read the instructions here for making a credit recognition/application.

How do I use Sisu?

There are many instructions for both new and old students on Sisu. Here you can find the Sisu user guides provided by the university.

I can't reach university staff member X. What should I do?

When emailing, remember to include relevant tags in the subject line, such as the course code or "HOPS". In case of problems, contact Luupi's education representatives!

Free Time

What are the Kolmiobileet?

Kolmiobileet are student parties organized by Luuppi, the Student Association of Administrative Sciences (Staabi), and the Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management (Indecs) at the Koskikeskus Ravintolamaailma. Kolmiobileet are held once a month from September to April. Tickets for Kolmiobileet can be purchased from the service.

How much do Luupi's overalls cost and when should they be ordered?

The deadline for ordering Luuppi's overalls is usually in September, and they arrive before Kaste. A Luupi member can order overalls for a year's fee. Luuppi's board and tutors will inform you when ordering is timely, and overalls can be tried on.

Sauna Evenings

Sauna evening events provide an opportunity to hang out with other participants and sauna. Sauna attendance is optional. At Luupi's sauna events, there are sauna shifts to be followed, and in some shifts, wearing swimwear is required.

What does OPPM mean?

Bring your own bottle and towel. A commonly used phrase in event descriptions, especially in connection with sauna evenings!

Where can I find event information?

Information about Luupi's events can be found in the event calendar on Luupi's website. Excursions usually have a common departure from near the campus, and this information is communicated via Telegram and generally in the event description!

Other Events

Events other than Luupi's are generally found on the, where ticket sales for events take place.