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Content updated: 3/30/2024, 9:59 PM

One of Luuppi's main responsibilities is to advocate for the interests of its members in matters related to studies. We organize various events to support studying, such as weekly study circles and various other study-related events. In addition to events, tutors are available to support and assist with studies.

For any questions or concerns related to studies, feel free to contact the study team via email at

Luuppi also has Telegram study groups for students of computer science as well as mathematics and statistical data analysis.

Luuppi also influences decisions related to studies and academic planning at the university level. Our student representatives are involved in the planning committees for computer science as well as mathematics and statistical data analysis, as well as in the education steering group of our faculty.

At Tampere University, we use the Sisu study information system. The system may not always be the most user-friendly, so here are a few useful links to help you navigate Sisu!

Course Enrollment Instructions

You can register for courses through Sisun. It's advisable to register early, as some courses fill up quickly or close registration very early.

For more information on course registration, refer to the student handbook.

Studying on Campus

At the university's different campuses, there are plenty of study-friendly spaces with varying opening hours. For detailed information on the locations of these spaces, their opening hours, and any required access permissions, you can find everything in the student handbook.

Taking exam

The practical implementation of exams varies from course to course, and specific instructions can always be found in the course description or on the course platform. Exams are graded either on a scale of 1-5 or with a pass/fail designation. Even a grade of 1 is considered a passing grade.

Just like with courses, it's advisable to register for exams well in advance. Registration is done through Sisu.

You can find the schedules, instructions, and procedures for centralized exams in the student handbook.

Electronic exams

At Tampere University, we also utilize the electronic examination system EXAM. Booking a time slot for an electronic exam is done through the EXAM system in addition to registering through Sisu. An electronic exam refers to an exam taken on a computer, conducted in a supervised EXAM examination room.

EXAM rooms are available on both the Hervanta and Downtown campuses, allowing students to take the exam at their preferred location.

For more information, please consult the student handbook.

Printing on Campus

Within the university community spaces, there are multifunction devices available for printing, scanning, and copying. To use these devices, you'll need a registered printing card and available printing balance.

For detailed instructions on registering your card and adding printing balance, please refer to student handbook.

  • Student guide - A comprehensive collection of information on various study-related topics, including the student handbook.
  • Language Centre - Provides language studies included in the degree and many optional language courses.
  • TREY - Student Union of Tampere University, responsible for representing the interests of Tampere University students and an essential part of student organization activities.
  • Sisu - The beloved study information system used by the Tampere higher education community.
  • Intra - The intranet of the Tampere higher education community, providing up-to-date information and various other useful resources.
  • SportUni - Offers diverse sports services such as gyms and group exercises.
  • YTHS - The Finnish Student Health Service, responsible for student healthcare. Remember to pay the healthcare fee in OmaKela!

Anything to ask?

You can easily contact the study team via email for any questions or concerns related to studies!