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Premises & Office

Content updated: 3/30/2024, 9:25 PM


Luupi has its own premises, Pii-club, located right next to the downtown campus in Pienteollisuustalo at Yliopistonkatu 58B, 33100 Tampere. Pii-club serves as the venue for several Luupi events, as its spacious 270m2 party space enables the hosting of various events. Pii-club also features a sauna!

Pii-club is available for private use as well, and if you're a Luupi member, you'll get a massive discount on reservations! More information can be found on the Pii-club's website!


Adjacent to Pii-club is Luupi's office. The office is open Monday through Thursday from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM! Members can enjoy coffee, tea, and cocoa at the office. Luuppi also hosts bun days, so be sure to follow the event calendar! The office also has a Nintendo Switch available for members to play freely during office hours.

For Sale

  • Tickets to Luupi events, as well as a few other student festivities (Hämeenkatu appros, Särkän Märkä, ATK-YTP, etc.).
  • Tickets to Kolmiobileet
  • Overall patches such as the Luuppi patch and Mario Kart patch (blue shell & bullet bill).
  • Student overalls (order in autumn)
  • Luuppi songbook
  • Luuppi beanie
  • Luuppi festive ribbon

Members can also borrow kyykkä sets from the office. For more information, inquire with the kyykkä coordinator or the on-duty assistant during office hours.

In the picture: Pii-club's dressing room
In the picture: Pii-club's party space
In the picture: Pii-club's loft