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Member benefits

Content updated: 7/15/2024, 6:30 PM

Luuppi membership

The membership fee for Luuppi is €20 per year or €30 for lifetime membership. The membership fee can be paid at Luuppi's office during its opening hours!

Benefits for members

  • Unlimited coffee, tea, cocoa at Luuppi's office
  • Advocacy in studies
  • Discounted rental of Pii-club for private use
  • Abundant event offerings

Collaborating Companies

Some of Luuppi’s partner firms also offer tailored member benefits to Luuppi members!

If you want to offer benefits to our members and get visibility for your company in return, contact us at and learn about our corporate collaboration!


Moverest is a Tampere-based rehabilitation and body care company that offers services including physiotherapy, massage, and coaching services. We work to keep you in shape both in everyday life and on your free time. Our goal is to treat pains and ailments and help you ensure they stay away.

Moverest offers a 15% discount on single visits and the member benefit is confirmed with a Luuppi sticker.

Tietokonepalvelu Hietaniemi

Tietokonepalvelu Hietaniemi is a full-service computer repair and store. The store is located near the campus at Kalevan Puistotie 15.

Computer Service Hietaniemi offers the following benefits to Luuppi student members for in-store purchases or remote orders paid upon pickup:

  • €30 discount on all used computers, also from discounted prices, excluding discounted products where it is specifically mentioned that it cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons.
  • 10% discount on all peripherals and accessories.
  • 20% discount on services. Also applies to maintenance actions from the work portion.

Discounts do not apply to products tailored at the customer’s request, such as custom computers.

Eligibility for benefits is confirmed on-site at the time of payment by presenting a valid student card, which has a Luuppi member sticker. The discount can be utilized for remote orders paid upon pickup.