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Jesse Piekiäinen, Eetu Loimuneva & Joonas Koponen | 3/27/2024, 6:50 PM

Updates from Kopo representatives in early 2024

Content updated: 3/27/2024, 6:50 PM

Hello! Sunny greetings from Luuppi's student representatives! We, the reps, represent Luuppi students in various university working groups, advocate for Luuppi students' interests, and organize student events. You can meet us, for example, at the weekly study circle or by contacting us via email at Here are some updates from us for the beginning of the year.


  • A student organization space in Hervanta is in progress.
  • Last round of courses in Period 4.
  • Study orienteering on March 12th and 13th.
  • Get Stuff Done! study workshops.
  • University well-being calendar.
  • Various important matters.

Student organization space in Hervanta in progress

Luuppi currently doesn't have a student organization space at the Hervanta campus, but we're actively working on it. We've been in touch with both the student union and the faculty. We'll provide more information as soon as we have updates on the progress.

Last round of courses in Period 4

With the new curriculum coming into effect from the beginning of the next academic year, some courses are being offered for the last time this spring. The key courses for the TKT and MTT curricula are as follows:

  • COMP.CS.210 Creating GUI (registration open until March 5th)
  • COMP.IS.100 Information Technology and Society (registration open until May 1st)
  • DATA.ML.210 Machine Learning Algorithms (registration open until March 1st)
  • DATA.STAT.510 Mathematical and Statistical Software (registration open until March 1st)

Study orienteering in Hervanta and City Center

  • March 12th, 11 am - 2 pm, Sähkötalo lobby, Hervanta
  • March 13th, 11 am - 2 pm, Päätalo lobby, City Cente

Study orienteering is an event where students can gather information to support their choices regarding elective studies. Representatives from faculties, degree programs, and other organizations will be available to discuss the possibilities and answer questions. Check this link for more!

Get Stuff Done! study workshops

Feeling challenged to get started on your tasks? Struggling with independent study? Help is available! Get Stuff Done! study workshops are ongoing throughout the academic year on Zoom. Learn more about the workshops and schedules here.

Explore the University Well-being Calendar

The calendar offers a variety of groups and events to support your studies and well-being. Explore the calendar here.


On April 2nd at 1 pm, there will be OPS presentation event at Pii-klubi in collaboration with the teaching staff. There will also be a "Pullapäivä" event with coffee and pastries. Come discuss and learn about the upcoming curriculum with members and teaching staff.

Various important matters

  • Prepare for the YTHS fee. Learn more about important dates on the Kela website.
  • Changes in housing allowance starting April 1, 2024. Read more about upcoming changes.
  • Learn about Kela's interest subsidy for student loans and see if you qualify, especially if your income doesn't exceed the income limit (on average €1,457/month), and if the bank no longer adds interest to your student loan but starts charging interest from you.