Forest trip for drivers

Saturday, May 11 - 01:00 PM-01:00 PM

Jaulintie 790, 39450 Sisättö

Notice that this version of the event is only for drivers. If you are not going to be a driver check event from here.

We will leave from Atalpa's parking spot on Friday 6.10. at 13:00 and we'll return on Saturday 07.10. at around 13:00.

As a driver you are promised to drive from Atalpa’s parking spot to Kortesalo capin and back. Compensation for a driver is 0,2 €/km(about 26 €) and the event is free. Our goal is to put a driver and 3 passangers to one car if you have a car and want to be a driver but you think that you can only fit 2 passangers be in contat to event organizer. If we get enough drivers the event will be for 24 people(6 of them is drivers)

We are going to Seitseminen National Park. At arrival we unpack our gear and then take a nature walk around Seitseminen, at the evening we shall warm up sauna and and play board games etc. what ever comes in mind.

The cabin is warmed with wood and there is no electricity or running water, but we get water from the well even though it is not totally lika a tap water. For heating food there is gas stove and wood stove, but no oven.

We'll sleep in bunk beds, but it is also allowed to sleep outside. The beds do have blankets, pillows and mattresses but you need bed sheets or a sleeping bag + pillow cover.

There is no refrigerator in the cabin, but we hope outside or some small rome is cold. It is adviced to take also food that doesn't need coldness.
Closest swimming spot is at Kirkaslammi 2,5 km away. There is dock and stair. However, there is no official beach

All participants must bring their own food. Do remember that the purpose of this trip is not getting wasted - if you want to drink a beer after the sauna though, that's okay.

What to pack?

• A sleeping bag + pillow cover or full set of sheets
• Small powersuply if your afraid of not having electricity for 24 hours
• Food
• Meds if you need any
• Clothes for weather and shoes for walking in the forest
• A flashlight, if we happen to move on night time
• Things for sauna & swimming
• Board games
• Some fun things which you want to bring to the cabin/trip

Additional information about cabin


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