Princess sitsis

Wednesday, May 8 - 06:00 PM-10:00 PM

Pii-Klubi (Yliopistonkatu 58b, 33100 Tampere)

Now you have the chance to throw yourself into childhood nostalgia, as Luuppi's princess sitsis are here! Feel free to enroll your friend as well, and give them the possibility to join the party!

A costume contest following the sitsis theme will be held, where the winners will be rewarded! The theme has room for interpretation, so feel free to take your inspiration from Disney's princesses, Barbie movies or something else. But if excessive planning and dressing up isn't your thing, don't worry! Student coveralls are just as welcomed!


Enroll yourself first, and then you can enroll your friend by enrolling yourself the second time. When filling the information for your friend, please add the following to the answer:

(First name Last name) 1. Alcohol/Non-alcohol, 2. Diet, 3. Seating requests

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PAY FOR BOTH OF THE ORDERS LISTED IN YOUR ORDERS! One ticket is 15€, and it includes three mild drinks, two shots, food and an overall patch.

The event will follow Luuppi's Equality and Safer Space principles, which can be found here in Finnish.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact the event organizer:

Iida Jokela


If registration is required for the event, it will be done through the old website. When you click the 'Register' button, you will be redirected to the old site.